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With more than 250 years of combined switch and system engineering experience, InfiniSwitch Corporation is the market leader in developing a family of InfiniBandTM switching products designed for the data center. Possessing a unique understanding of the requirements of the data center, InfiniSwitch products are designed to meet today’s growing need for high performance in the data center focused on high availability, scalability and interoperability. InfiniSwitch is developing InfiniBand open-standard products tailored to data-driven enterprises such as large corporations, universities and government agencies.

Located in Westborough, Massachusetts, InfiniSwitch was founded in the Fall of 2000 by seasoned business management and engineering teams who bring a broad background of industry experience from companies including Compaq, Data General, Digital Equipment, IBM, Lucent and Nexabit. InfiniSwitch is a member of the InfiniBand Trade Association, an industry consortium led by the seven computing giants devoted to developing an architectural specification for the next-generation I/O systems. InfiniSwitch is committed to helping bring products based on the InfiniBandsm standard to market quickly, enabling customers to realize the benefits of improved performance, efficient manageability, and greater scalability in the data center.